At Lawn Troopers® we feel we have a responsibility to support those in our community. We donate our time and resources to make a contribution to local efforts. We are exceedingly proud and grateful to be 100% Canadian.

This year’s local efforts include:

Scouts Canada
Veterans Affairs Canada:
We are a registered home service provider for Veterans Affairs Canada.
Scouts Canada
Scouts Canada:
We will be assisting with the Scout’s yearly tree planting effort and contributing by both volunteering and supplying equipment.
Operation Cleanup
Operation Clean-up:
This is our community volunteer program in which students are educated about the environment and contribute by cleaning up our community. This initiative is integrated into our adopt-a-road program and valuable for Ontario Secondary School students who require community involvement hours.
Caledon Agricutural Society
The Caledon Agricultural Society:
We maintain the Caledon Fairgrounds property to ensure everyone can enjoy the park.
The Region of Peel Adopt-a-Road Program:
Roads are used by all of us, and keeping them looking great improves everyone’s day to day living!
Contact Us
Local: 416-320-8491 Toll Free: 1-877-320-8491
Mailing address Lawn Troopers Inc. P.O. Box 10 Caledon Village, ON L7K 3L3
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